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Tackling Valley Fever

Healing Difficult

Digestive Diseases

Restoring Shattered Lives

History of Advancing

Cardiac Care

Getting to Zero

Because of you, kids can be kids.

I know when you read our 2013 Year In Review, you will agree Children’s Hospital Central California is like no other in the region.   Read more . . .

Tackling Valley Fever

At first Valentina Dolores Lopez seemed like she had a typical virus with a fever and congestion. When the 2-year-old’s symptoms continued and her breathing became difficult, multiple doctors offered the same conclusion.   Read more . . .

Healing Difficult Digestive Diseases

Although Dr. Marvin Ament, one of the founders of pediatric gastroenterology, has seen just about every GI-related disorder over his 40-year career, even he gets surprised.   Read more . . .

Restoring Shattered Lives

When Zues Luther, 14, of Bakersfield lost control of his dirt bike and slammed into a tree at more than 45 mph, specialized, multidisciplinary care at Children’s Hospital became his only hope for survival.   Read more . . .

History of Advancing Cardiac Care

In 1968, 5-month-old Melinda Cavalletto of Chowchilla became the world’s youngest known survivor of a mitral valve replacement. At that time open-heart surgery was challenging and such a procedure was even more difficult.   Read more . . .

Getting to Zero

Children’s continues to embrace new methods to eliminate hospital-borne infections to decrease the patient’s length of stay and hospital costs while accomplishing the most important goal of all: enhancing quality of life and saving lives.   Read more . . .

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